How to Stop Using Crack Cocaine?


Hello my name is minister Tim. Thank you for visiting this page. If you are reading this message that means God sent you here. I am glad you came. If you are using crack and desperately need help with your addiction I may can help.
You and I have been told by many people that drug addiction is a mental illness but that's not the real  truth. I declare that crack addiction is a weapon from Satan who sends evil spirits to you to keep your focus on him being your god. The program I am offering is not like the drug programs that set up telling you a story about your mental illness. I know beyond a doubt that crack addiction is an addiction created by Satan who sends evil spirits to temp you to continue using even if you don't want to use. If you are interested in learning more about this and are ready to Stop we can  have a one on one meeting I would like to shcedule a private meeting with you online.

When our love one passes away

When  loved ones passes away it feels unbearable grief.  It can feel  like part of you have  died too. But do you think your loved one would not want you to stay in grief? Your loved one would want you to stay strong and keep moving forward in the Lord.  I pray you can find comfort in the following poem I wrote.

When our love-one pass away,
God wants us to stay strong,
Because when we believe in Him,
life continues on…
But the grief of death is more
than most can bear,
so I went to the Lord
and asked Him about death in prayer:
I asked:
"Why do we have to die?”
"You shall understand this one day.”
was His reply.
Then He said:
"Life is only a short phase,
so don’t despair--
In the midst of grief and sorrow,
My Grace is always there…”
He also said:
“Keep Faith when life seems
like it has come to an end—
That’s when
life truly begins!”

John 11:25:26

If this poem has been a blessing to you I invite you to make a small donation by mail at:

Bro Tim Gillam
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Sympathy poem for best friend

This is a best friend's sympathy poem. This sympatthy peom is for a best friend. Feel free to share online or at your loved one's funeral.

New Heavenly Home

Dear Lord, Life just isn’t the same since my best friend died, she was my best friend who stood by my side. The bad and good times together we shared, during the most difficult times she always cared. It’s so difficult with her being gone, I break down and cry-- I feel so alone. I don’t know how to get over her being deceased; it feels like I’ve been robbed of joy, happiness, and peace. Losing her has been a tremendous burden to bear, because when I called to her she’s no longer there…

“Behold, I shall say something to comfort those who mourn, it’s about the saints who have passed away since the world was formed. Indeed, I care and know how you feel about your friend’s death, believe Me, I know about grief, I once cried about it Myself. But I have a word that shall comfort your heart today, it shall make you rejoice for My sheep who have passed away. Life has not ended for My sheep who have passed on, they are now with Me forever in their new heavenly home”.
John 6:47,11:25-35
by: Tim Gillam

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