Pleasant Words

The bible says "pleasant words are like a honeycomb..." Proverb 16:24. Welcome to the only site dedicated in pleasant words. Our goal is to make the heart smile!



If you are looking for pleasant words to make the heart smile you are in the right place.
 But making the heart smile is not easy. It takes hard work! It takes dedication and commitment. It also takes failure and disappointments too!
Yes, failure and disappointments can be used as a tool to make others heart smile. How is this possible? Well, I use my failures in life to help encourage others.
I was in prison when the Lord visited me. At my lowest and darkest hour He came and gave me hope and strength. He gave me hope and said my life isn't a waste! The Lord also gave me inspirational poem to share with you...

                                          A Pleasant Word

A pleasant word is like a fine piece of gold,
just a little of it will enrich your soul...
It's also like honey--very tasty and sweet,
just a little of it makes a very tasty treat...
Receiving a pleasant word is like 
inheriting great wealth, 
it will heal a broken heart 
and improve our  health!
Proverbs 16:24


1 comment:

  1. This is a wonderful website that you have put together for anyone that is in need of prayer of inspirational thinking and poems. I found you looking for words of inspiration for a friend that is 35 years old who wrote bad checks to support her habit of heroine. She is now clean because of it. She is lonely and feeling lost behind those cold walls and feeling like you did. I thank you for putting together this website and I am glad that I found it. I applaud you for you redemption and finding God and for the fact that you are helping others and friends and family members that are going through the loss of their loved ones behind bars. God Bless and Inspiration to you always.


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