Birthday Sentiments For You

This is birthday sentiments for a friend. This birthday poem is for anyone who enjoys food on their birthday. But before you eat remember to say grace!

Please enjoy this specially prepared meal I made from scratch!I pray you enjoy every bite as you dine!
                               Happy birthday!

A Special Birthday Meal for You

For your birthday here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna prepare a very special meal for you…

I prayed and asked the Lord what should be in this meal, He told me to start by putting a steak on the grill…

I took the extra time to season your steak just right, I wanted it to taste so good that you enjoyed every bite…

What can be better than a nice juicy grilled steak? 
And what would a birthday be like if I forgot your ice cream and cake?


I also have some golden brown rolls freshly baked, with a piece of garlic butter, they are delicious with steak…

I even prepared a fresh garden salad, and a pumpkin pie too, I invited a few friends over to help celebrate  with you…

Just in case you wanted a beverage while you dine, I took the initiative to buy your favorite wine…

I made sure that I didn’t overcook the meat, all I ask is that you say grace before you start to eat!

Happy Birthday!

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