The crime of Blasphemy!

What is blasphemy? Jesus was accused of the crime over 2000 years ago. A reasonable definition of blasphemy is to lie on God or lie against God. But did you know a fellow saint is being accused of the crime today? 

 There's a christian women in Pakistan whose being charged with the crime of blasphemy today in modern society! 

I pray that God blesses her with the strength to endure that awful ordeal. I thank God that He spared me from experiencing those kind of  accusations and hardships. Please pray that she stay steadfast on her conviction of the True Gospel. I pray that the courts there won't convict her. I'm not sure about their law, but I believe the crime of blasphemy is punishable by death!
It hurts my heart hearing of these type injustices. It's truly a shame before God to be subjected to some of the atrocities that's taking place around the world today. My heart goes out to the all the afflicted and suffering today. 
But do know something even worse than the women's injustice? It's the blasphemy spoken by the false prophets telling everyone about how God is going to bless and prosper them. I don't mean to sound mean, but God is about to pass judgement on this world. Like the days of Noah when people laughed and made mockery of Noah building his ark, so are they mocking and laughing at me.  
This poor women stands before her accusers knowing her faith is sealed in God. But what about the false prophets who are telling lies in God's name deceiving the world? What's going to happen to them? No, they will not be prosecuted  here by any law of man, but they will be prosecuted by God. You know why? Because they see all the suffering and injustice but do nothing to provide aid. They declare prosperity to make the people feel good secure so they will come back to hear more of the false doctrine, and keep their business open. 
The people have turned to this false doctrine by the messes. Even Jesus Himself didn't have the followers that these false teachers have today. 
God is coming to judge this world because His church has become a multimillion dollar business. Ask any pastor at a high profile church to come share the word at your small church and they will charge you  up in the 10s of thousands of dollars to give a word from God. But the word of God is not for sell. It's free!
No, I do not have to pay $10's of thousands of dollars to hear someone tell me to "hold on brother God is going to bless you!" 
I have begged for pastor's help in this ministry and asked them to provide sponsorship to foreign ministries, not one has provided their support. So I ask you how much longer is God going to put up with this world?

Have Compassion

O lord, I'm begging You for compassion
 in this special prayer, 
seeing the pain of your sheep
is more than I can bear... 

They are truly being done wrong,
Please bless them with the strength 
to continue fighting on...

"Behold, it appears all hope is lost and gone,
 My poor meek sheep have been left  alone...
But  I declare, I shall bless them with strength and power,
I shall lift their burdens this very hour." 

Matthew 17:20

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