The Laborers Are Few

"Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest" Luke 10:2


                                             The Laborers Are Few

The meaning of harvest and laborers that Jesus spoke of in the above verse have taken on a whole new meaning and concept these days. Many clergyman recognize 'harvest' as meaning money in their pockets.  During certain times of the year they plan different types of events where all the people come and gather then they proceed to collect money from the messes.  It's almost like practicing astrology where you use a chart of symbols and signs to forecast or  foretell an event based on the Zodiac. They use this same formula to estimate or  predict when is the best time of the year to "harvest" money from people today!
But God is not looking for this type of harvest. He is seeking laborers (workers) to go out in the world and harvest (help) His sheep. 
Jesus taught this message over 2000 years ago. He don't need the same message preached over and over again like no one understands what to do. Pastors has feed milk so long to people until their stomachs aren't able to accept meat. It's like feeding a baby. After awhile, the baby grows out of weaning and needs solid food to live on. Why do the same massage Jesus taught over 2000 years ago needs to continually be preached without any action being taking? Why are there so many hearers only? Why are there not more doers or His word?
It's truly a shame to see how people have turned away from the True Gospel. People have turned to lies, but it's not their faults. They are sheep who followers the Shepard.
The Bible says in the last days that a great falling away from the truth will happen. II Thessalonians 2:3-4
Apostle Paul said the imposter will sit in God's temple(s) proclaiming a word from the Lord. I ask you today to consider this message of hope and love. I ask you to reach out and become laborers for Christ today.
Where are the laborers who go out and helps the poor? Where are the laborers who have compassion on the sick and suffering? Where are the laborers who volunteer their time writing and visiting someone in prison? Where are the laborers who helps assist all the needy today? Thank God for you!
Consider a young man in Africa named Owusu-Ansah Abraham. He has no parents. He begs for money each day. He takes the money people have given him for food and uses it to pay to get on the internet there. I asked him why? He explained that he seeks someone to aid him there. He's willing to sacrifice going hungry for the sake of finding just one person on the internet to help him! That's great faith!
I possess no income, home, or car. I cannot help anyone. I can only tell you the truth about what God's has in store for this world. I pray that you will consider becoming one of His laborers today.

                          Laborers Are Few                            

O Lord, without true laborers
Your sheep will die,
 the truth of this is being covered by a lie…
 Many are starving because they
have nothing to eat, 
others don't even have shoes to put on their feet.
Many are without shelter
no place to lay their head,
many are hungry needing to be  feed...
Indeed the laborers are just a few
 so this is what I'm coming to do.
I shall take back all I have given to man. 
and give it to the sick and suffering all over the land.
I need laborers to come work for Me,
I need laborers who are willing to work for free!
where are my laborers who are helping My sheep survive?
Where are My laborers who are keeping the starving alive?"

  Featured verses:

    Isaiah 26:11, Jeremiah 39:18, James 1:12-15

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