The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The Bible say "The meek shall inherit the earth". But who are the meek? The definition of meek is simple. It's being humble and grateful in spite of your suffering.

But who are the meek here on earth now? Jesus said the "meek" shall inherit the earth. Do you know who the meek God's speaking of? The meek are the little (forgotten) ministries in Africa, Asia, and all around the world. They are the ones doing the work of the Lord, but unfortunately, no one helps them. 
There's too many small ministries in Africa who are struggling to survive daily. They do not have basic necessities in which they should have: food, water, clothes, shoes, etc...  Why no one gives to these small meek and humble people is beyond me. Look and see for yourself below. The mega churches don't look like this! 

     Beth Healing and Deliverance Center Ministries
 Where is the fine pew? where is all the beautiful dresses, suits, and shoes? where's the pastor's fine $100,000 vehicle?

Why aren't any movie stars, banks, and politicians helping these meek humble people? Why are the people of God  forsaking these people? Why isn't Google or Facebook sponsoring any of these humble servants of God?
But in spite of their suffering and afflictions they still try to go to church and praise God! God is going to reward these people soon!
To All the big TV ministries and mega churches preaching peace and prosperity, you are deceiving many.
I'm here to tell you that these meek and humble (forgotten) people will be rewarded by God soon. 
 God is going to reward those who have been crying and begging the nations for help. None has turned and offered their hand in support- no not one!
But God is going to give this world to the forsaken soon!!! The forsaken are the ones who shall inherit the earth!
My heart cries out to the world today because no one is taking heed to the signs of the time.
But whether you "Like" me or not, God is about to deliver those who are being forsaken and cast down. 
Greed, pride and capitalism is the system God is about to destroy. This system has been condemned by God Himself. I prayer that you take heed to this message.

                The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

The meek lives in a jungle 
where wild beast roam throughout,
they suffer daily and always have to go without.
many die from mosquitoes bite,
they endure great suffering
all day and night.
It hurts seeing the pain in face
It's truly a shame to see them treated as waste.
But I pray my words can put a smile on their face,
They are for all regardless of religion, color, or race.
At night I hear the meek cry,
God no one helps them please tell me why?
“Blessed are those who endure to the end,
it saddens my heart to see this great sin.
when they forsake the needy they forsake Me,
greed, pride, and capitalism are things that shall not be.
The meek are as harmless as a dove,
They are the poor crying out asking for the love.
But to the ones in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East,
I shall surly bless you with prosperity and peace.
I have heard you crying and praying day and night,
soon I will make your burdens right.
 There's great things I shall do for the meek,
I shall not forget the sick, suffering, and weak.
The hour is coming when there shall be no more sin,
  I shall comfort the meek Myself in the end!”

Exodus 14:14, Psalm 27, Jeremiah 24:10, Matthew 10:22-25, Ephesians 2:8, 6:11-17, II Corinthians 3:17, Acts 26:15, Revelations 3:19-22, James 1:3

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