Orphanage in Kanya Needs Help!

Orphanage in Kisii Kenya needs immediate humanitarian help after raging storm hits their village. A severe store leaving floods has decimated an orphanage in Kisii Kenya.

A devastating storm just hit Kisii Kenya. The storm caused great disaster on the small village of Kissii. The storm totally demolished an orphanage there. Immediate relief is needed for our fellow brother in the Lord.
 Pastor James Okenda is crying out for help after devastating storm tears his village apart. He needs immediate assistance. He needs supplies, food, and donations to rebuild the orphanage. Anyone with a caring heart please help this man of God with any assistance you are able to provide.
He is doing a great work for the Lord there. He takes in children who parents have been murdered by rebels.

He provides all their care. He don't receive support. He needs support from us. Please consider helping this man of God by providing aid. He has no place to turn for help. He is one of the "Meek" (forsaken and forgotten ministries) in which will inherit the earth when  the Lord comes. But until that day happens we need to try to organize immediate relief for the Lord's ministry there.
Help Pastor Okenda continue doing the work of the Lord. Lets give Pastor Okenda hope that there's still caring people left in the world today.
Jesus said we will know that we are in the last days on earth when the hearts of people become cold (uncaring). Matthew 24:12
I pray someone hears his cry for help and come to his aid.  Lets not abandoned this forsaken and forgotten ministry God Himself ordained. 
Pastor James Okenda  P.O Box 305 Ogembo Kisii -Kenya. Send financial aid thru western union,or money gram to James Okenda

                                                   The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth soon!

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