They shall show great signs and wonders!

Jesus told us that in the last days false prophecy will deceive many. He warned us about the false religion that shall speak lies and deceive the world. But did He know just how great the deceit would be?

"Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many" Matthew 24:11

Did you know we are living  in the prophecy Jesus spoke about over two thousands years ago? The false religion Jesus spoke of is disguised as the "true Gospel", but its pure blasphemy against God!
Jesus saw how false religion was deceiving great multitudes of people in His day. He saw how the church was trying to sell salvation to His people. He witnessed first hand how self-righteous religious leaders were forsaking the poor, sick and needy. Jesus cried out his last breath against the great evil of religion. Religion was exposed for what it was (a lie)  when the veil of the temple tore in two! Mark 15:38
Jesus knew that false doctrine would become so bad in the world that He reiterated it in Matthew 24:24
He used great emphasis in Matthew 24:24 
"For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect"!!!!
Wow!  Even the elect, if possible, will be deceived during these times! The elect He is speaking of is people like you and I who should be able to determine a lie about the True Gospel when we hear it. He doesn't desire for us to be ignorant or brain washed with lies about God when He told us the truth.

The antichrist's  job is to make it appear their message is the good news from God. Their job is to make you believe their message is divine. How do they do this? Easy they offer great promises about God. They promise peace and prosperity and say a few words on what to do to make God act on your behalf. Their job is to make you believe you can obtain prosperity and peace by doing certain things for God. But most importantly, their job is to remove the source of your answers (Holy Bible) with their own version of the bible. Their job is to cover this great deceit by showing you "great signs and wonders"
       Jesus said they "will show great wonders and signs

He said they will show you how their ministry feeds thousands of people. Jesus said the antichrist will show great healing of all kinds of infirmities. Jesus said the antichrist will show you how wonderful His crucifixion was with amusement parks and how blessed you will be when you attend their conventions. Jesus said if they tell you to "Look" at all these things as true-- "do not believe it"! Matthew 24:26 
Jesus said do not go running looking for Him in any of these places. He said do not look for Him in any of their literature. Jesus assured us that He will not be there! He said do not come looking for Him in their church when they proclaim He's there. Jesus said "do not believe it"
The antichrist's job is to replace the Holy Bible in your home with their satanic material. This is very easy to do. Instead of offering to sell you a gift Bible for comfort, they offer to sell you their doctrine in books (their bible) for comfort.
Jesus said this would happen over two thousands ago. He knew The deceit would be so great until it would fool even the best bible scholars! Jesus knew the deceit would be so great that it would even fool world renown professors and theologians. 
Jesus said do not allow the "great signs and wonders" deceive you. God is not apart of their great miracles!  God said He will not be apart of any of their church activities. 
I promote the bible here not my own doctrine. I haven't told anyone that they will find the answers to their life in my book. The mega churches have committed this great sin before God. This is why He has condemned them, and is coming to destroy false religion once and for all soon!
Only the Bible can provide you with the answers you seek for your life. Their books, CD's or DVD's cannot do this. The antichrist does not sell you bibles because if it did they would go out of business the next day! They have demoted God when they sell their own material before they offer The Bible first. God is very displeased about their blatant disrespect for Him.
The antichrist is a business! It's part of the beast in Revelation, but not "the beast" itself. The beast is "capitalism" in which God is about to destroy soon. The antichrist isn't about promoting God. They only promote themselves and do not give honor to God by doing so.
The antichrist carries the spiritual mark in which God will destroy soon. Their mark is the mark in which God will see on us. He will see whether or not we have been loyal to Him, and have not turned to them for any spiritual matters.

"And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" II Thessalonians 2:11 

The great beast eats your money and can never become full. The great beast (capitalism) eats and never sleeps. The beast searches for prey to devour day and night. The beast never rests nor is it ever satisfied. It looks to devour the weak, poor, sick, and needy.
Look and see some of the corporations who are apart of the great beast: Casinos, GM, Ford, Pepsi, Facebook, Banks, Mega churches, etc.. They are all  brands (marks) of the beast (capitalism). Who can stop the great beast from its destruction? Who will stop it from devouring our money, homes, and peace? Will God pardon us for having the marks of the great beast? God will not pardon the mark from the mega churches unless there be repentance for blasphemy. If no one repents for these things God will not relent His anger against the deceivers. 
Join in the fight to promote God! Promote God with the Holy Bible. Do not be deceived by the antichrist's great "signs and wonders" God said He will not be in their CD's, DVD's or books!

                                 KJV Electronic Bible

                             Do Not Accept the Mark of the Beast!


  1. Bro i don't know that you are as hot as flaming of fire. We drink from the same source. My shout here in Nigeria is the same shout you are making. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is unpopular and un acceptable when he speak. The truth mean sacrifice, sacrifice mean ready to die. i doubt if you yourself can withstand it if it is preach to you.

    1. Brother we know the truth about what's going on. Jesus said the truth will make us free!

  2. This is the only time I've been to your website. Thanks for sharing more information.
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  3. Tim I wan to first thank you for your great post on my blog FireSpeaks.
    Now concerning this Blog I am in-be-twixt with how to take it. Firs because on the issue of false teaching I think you are spot-on. I ma in full agreement. But I not sure if I'm at the level where I ready to point my finger at these Antichrist. Yes I do believe they do exist and I do believe they are doing all they you have written, But I think just because they are large does nto mean they are Antichrist.

    Acts 2:41-42 says " Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers."

    Here we have an instant mega-church for that time which from scripture says they continued in the things of God" So they were not the Antichrist, or did they leave the mark of the Antichrist.

    I know that the devil can show up in mega-churches, but he can also show up in small churches. The thing we must remember is So Does Jesus!

    Be blessed my dear brother I look to hearing from you again soon.


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