What is True Bible Doctrine?

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; And they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables" II Timothy 3:4

                            What is True Bible Doctrine?

Well, the time has come where many are not telling (preaching) the truth about God. What is the truth about God? Yes, He's all the sweet things you are accustom of hearing in church; LOVING, CARING, SWEET, FORGIVING, ETC... but do you know something about God that's not being preached? God is angry- very angry! You know why He's angry? God is angry because His word is not being carried out. No, I don't mean preaching on stage, I mean caring about another human being. The act of caring and loving is not being carried out. God is not pleased about this. The sad part about it is no one really cares. This is another thing He's upset about.
God is angry because people are covering up their eyes and ears and saying "it has nothing to do with me." The truth is if you can help a multimillion dollar mega church (business) with donations why can't you help the small ministries that's also doing God's will in Africa, Asia, and Middle East?
There's a small ministry in Africa that provides children with the opportunity to play soccer and learn about the Lord too. Pastor Prince Kakungulu devotes his time training children there to uphold the values of God. He devotes his life to this call. The sad part about this is he doesn't receive enough support from people who say they know God. He needs your support.
                Hand of God Soccer Project Ministries

The true Gospel Jesus taught is not about storing up treasures for ourselves. The true Gospel is about helping and caring. It's about going out helping the sick and suffering. The True Gospel is about helping thy neighbor. It's not about how much I can profit from this deal. Unless we come together to resolve this issue, great consequence is coming upon on man. God is coming to eradicate the injustice Himself. 
No one seems interested in this matter. Everyone has turned their heads looking the other way so they cannot see it. No one cares about sending aid to small ministries overseas. No one has donated funds to help alleviate their burdens. This is why God is mad.
The Mega churches won't preach this Godly message because of fear! Yes, fear of losing their multimillion dollar businesses. But God is not a business. Christianity is a business for some. But for others it's a spiritual walk with the Lord. The true Gospel is free! Jesus asked for no compensation for His services. He only required that we love each other.  
Yes, the time is here where many are believing lies told by the false prophets telling everyone about how God is going to bless them with prosperity. I hate to be a barrier of bad news, but God's word is not being carried out. There is great condemnation coming upon us because of all the suffering souls around the world that has been neglected and left for dead. Why would God reward anyone here for these things?
But the neglected and forgotten ones will not endure their suffering much longer. Consider asking God what can you do today to help alleviate this problems. I have told you the truth. I declare my innocence before God. I have done my best to inform you of the truth. Satan has cast darkness (lies) over the world, but God will soon deliver the righteous from this darkness. 

I, Tim Gillam, declare before God that I have told the people what true Gospel is.  I ask You God for forgiveness and the forgiveness of people who aren't able to give to the needy.

 May 17, 2012 
 Tim Gillam
                                       "woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!" 1 Corinthians 9:17

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