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Are you looking for poetry about life, life poems, or a poem of life ?  Poems on life or life poems can be encouraging and inspirational. I pray that this poem on life can provide you with encourage if you are struggling with the cares of the world. If you have a burden on their shoulders this poem is for you.

I wrote this poem "Winning This Race" while in prison. I decided to use my situation to help others. This poem is to let you know that we have to continue fighting when life appears too much to bear. 
I pray that this poem adds a little encouragement and brightens your day! 

                    Winning This Race

I have the endurance to win this never ending race without going to fast or slow, but just maintain a nice comfortable pace.
It’s a dog fight to the finish-line, I want to show my God-given ability, obstacles may get in my way, but I want develop any hostility.
My goal is to get there, but it’s a long way to the finish. If I let anything get in my way, my achievements will be diminished.
I won’t stop running until I see that ole familiar sign, but it’s a long, long way to my destination, which is the finish line.
Nothing will stop me even if I have to run with bare feet, I’m willing to sacrifice my body not to suffer the agony of defeat.
My body is tired from all this strain, but I’m determined to make it there despite all my pain!
Victory is so close, but yet so far, far away...
But If I continue running hard, I will make there    (soon) one day!

  Philippians 3:13-15 


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