Poems About God

Do you like poems about God? Do you think God likes poems about Himself? Do you think He cares if someone writes a poem about Him?

I believe God loves any writing that gives Him honor whether its a poem or not. I believe God loves poetry that edifies Him. I believe poems about God can be very helpful to someone who don't read the Bible much. A poem about God can give him or her knowledge and understating about the Lord. 
Poems about God doesn't suppose to replace the Bible, they suppose to draw the reader closer to the Bible and God! Please enjoy this poem about God.
                                                 Our Heavenly Professor

                             God is like a college professor
                            who grades his student's test,
He grades the papers using 
a system of  faith being the best.
Just ask Him 
the answer will be unveiled,
by using faith for all the questions
 guarantees us not to fail.
He gives us the answer 
so that everyone can pass,
It's such a blessing
 to be in this wonderful class!

Hosea 4:6, Hebrews 11:6, Proverbs 8:17


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