Prison Poetry

I wrote prison poetry while I was prison. I wrote about prison life and my experience with the judicial and prison system. I have posted a few poems here asking that you please help the ministry God wants me to do by making a small donation..

 Why would anyone want to read prison poetry? Well, that's a great question. The answer is to help kids and teenagers who maybe heading down the wrong path and need to be reminded what can happen to them if they are running and hustling on the streets.
Though prison poems are not considered "socially accepted  literature", they still can provide a great deal of inspiration and encouragement. But the bottom line is that these poems will help anyone who reads them. They will provide understanding about the judicial system and help answer questions about life when a person gets arrested and convicted of a crime.

                                         Being Reformed

Living the street life (illegally) trying to survive,
it’s called, “The Game of Hustling” in order to stay alive.
A victim of circumstances being influenced by a crime,
they label you a “Criminal” and make you serve some time. Trapped in this life-style is like being in a wild storm,
so they send you to prison in order to be reformed.
But the system isn’t working they’re still breaking the law;
the officials are holding a meeting to correct the flaw:
Give them more time before it becomes too late! This new bill we are passing truly sounds great!”
“Listen up folks, we have a new crime prevention, we’re sure this will work, so please pay close attention…we’re putting them behind bars and we’re imposing stiffer sentencing, on violent crimes including stealing cars. The new bill is for drug dealers, illegal aliens, and money criminals stole,
Stopping all these things is definitely our main goal!
When the law goes into effect prison terms will be increase, and they MUST meet special requirements before being released! They most get a work assignment and G.E.D, this will help them in society when they are free!
But these are not the only things they must do, They must complete psych therapy before their parole review. We want them to be reformed from hate, racism, and selfish pride---all their health care, food, and shelter-we will provide! If they do our requirements we may set some of them free! But if they don’t take us serious, then prison is where they will be.
They shall maintain the right to an appeal, but since they cannot hire an attorney I doubt if they will!”
This is the attitude of the officials to try to rehabilitate, let’s vote them outta office before it’s too late!


From living on the streets, surviving from meal to meal,
 to waking up in a cell and wondering is this real?
Being in the system wondering why are you being treated this way? “Because you committed a crime” is what the authorities say!
Thinking and reminiscing on the past from beginning to end, wondering where did I go wrong, it’s hard to comprehend. Somebody please help me (for God’s sake) this whole incidence was just a bad mistake. How did I get locked up behind this steel door? The system is for the cruel, ruthless and self-proclaimed hard core.
I'm a convict-- the crime is all they see;
regardless of my character, they will not set me free!
 Getting victimized by the system while o doing your time, they say that they’re justified by their actions when you committed the crime “You’re a convict, a criminal so why should we treat you right?” Trying to overcome this obstacle is a constant, everyday fight.
They say: “Suffer the consequences while we regulate our rules,” you shouldn’t have done wrong so this is the life you choose”.
 The only thing you gain from this mess is endurance and wisdom, when you do get out, you never return to the system.”

Please support God's Forgotten Ministries by 
purchasing my prison poetry booklet for only $5.00
Thank you for your support!

Minister Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

Any Donation will help a needy family

“When I was in prison you visited me

Matthew 25:35-40


  1. Tom * Hi Just wanted to thank you for sharing your poetry & your experience. God Bless You* Is There any way a book could be purchased & sent into the prisons with a money order? Great Stuff* Thanks Rileyj*


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