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What is World News and World News Headlines? World News and World news Headline are part of the great prophesy Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24


World News and World News Headlines are some of the false prophets and teachers that Jesus told us to beware of in the last days. He said they shall "SHOW" you great sign and wonders and deceive many. Matthew 24:12-24
The antichrist controls all media  and transportation around the world. They control what we see and watch on TV. The World News' (antichrist) job is divert our attention from the real crisis in the world. I assure you that the real crisis is not about money, gold, or oil. The real World Crisis is the forsaken small ministries around the world. The real World Crisis is the poor, the sick, the socially and economical disadvantage being walked on today by the big banks who control Wall Street.
But soon they will be a hostile take over by God Himself! God is about to take back all that He gave them. God is about to do as Robin Hood did when he took from the rich and gave to the poor. The only difference is this hostile take over is going to be real!
God is going to take from the rich and wealthy and give it to the small forsaken ministries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. There will be nothing the Antichrist can do about it! (except try to deceive you).
Do not be deceived by the antichrist great signs and wonders! Their job is to keep our attention from the real crisis that's happening in the world today in anyway they can. If the antichrist can offer you a talking smartphone to divert your attention it will.
Do you want to know the real World News? The real world news is The MEEK SHALL INHERIT the earth soon! You will not hear about this World News on CNN or Dateline. The antichrist has control over social media like the World News on TV. They are part of great Beast who will show "great signs and wonders." I Thank God to be able to share the real World News with you today!

                                                                 The World News

“O Lord, this prayer is for all the people I see, who are suffering to death on TV. I pray that You heal and comfort the ones who have been abused, and give comfort to those being misused. I pray that You send someone to give them a hand, please pour out blessing for every woman, child, and man. Lord, if You send prosperity and peace, then all their burdens will immediately cease. I’m praying for these people because I truly care, I pray that You will grant my humble prayer.” Then when I finished praying, the word of the Lord came to me saying:

“Behold, I have something to say about this evil generation, it’s about abominations I see going on in every nation. It’s also about the ones whose minds are being controlled by TV, and the ones who have forsaken and rebelled against me. I shall share a testimony about the Hebrews, Gentile, and Jew, because of wickedness, there’s something I must do. Like a potter who creates a vessel out of clay, I have to shape and mold them in the very same way. After I have accomplished shaping them in the palm of my hand, I shall heal and bless every woman, child and man. If they love Me they would do what is lawful and right, because they have rejected righteousness, I shall cast the rich out of my sight. They have turned from Me and are seeking after their own evil desires, so I shall explain what this type of prayer requires. They must repent from pagan gods, oil, money, silver & gold, and they must Love Me with all their hearts, minds, and soul. These people never having time for Me. Yet they always have enough time to watch the abominations on TV. I require  that they return to Me and I shall teach them knowledge, My people  are being  deceived by TV, radio, and the even Bible scholars in College. Indeed, I desire for all to repent and seek My face, then I shall heal and bless people in every place. I declare, as I live, I shall surely  send blessings as far as My eyes can see, but they must repent and return to Me!”

Scripture References:

*Genesis 18:16-33, Leviticus 26:13-43, Deuteronomy 5:6-22, 1 Kings 2:3-4, 11 Chronicles 7:13-15, 15:1-7, Proverb 1:22-23, 15:3, 15:9, 21:1-16, Jeremiah 18:1-10, 25:32-38, Hosea 9:1-17, Revelation 9: 20-21

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