Alternive for the Braille Bibles

Do you want to know where to buy a braille Bible for the blind? Are you looking to give a blind person a bible to read and study God’s words? If you want to know where to buy a braille Bible, I would like to introduce to you an alternative Bible for him or her. Allow me to introduce a Bible that He or she can listen to directly in their ears. It’s called the Audio Bible!

The audio Bible is like having the Lord speak to you directly. We have an audio Bible KJV if they choose to listen to verses from the Authorized Version. But the audio bible also comes in NIV too. The best part about the audio Bible is very easy to use. It doesn’t take any technical skills. It’s basically like operating a cell phone. 

Just because a person cannot see doesn’t mean they are handicapped. Just because they are blind doesn’t mean they would not enjoy a fine gift like the audio Bible.

They do not need any special skills to operate it or learn the functions. All it takes is to be shown one time how to use it and they will enjoy it forever!

                          Royal Electronic Audio Bible King James Version with pull out keyboard.
                                                                          Model ATB3

 Was $59.99  now Only $31.08


                                                          The Holy English Braille Grade 2

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