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Are you searching for a Bible college online, online bible colleges, online bible school, or online universities? If so, allow me to introduce you to the Bible University.

If you are wondering where to find the best bible school or where to find a bible college online?  Please consider Bible University. Bible University is the only online bible college or anywhere in the world offering courses for free! 

Are you looking for a degree in theology? Do you want learn more about God through online Bible studies? Are you looking for a school that teaches the Holy Bible KJV only? If so, the Bible University is for you! Earn a bachelors, or an associate’s degree right here at Bible University today! This is the only online college where you can earn a master’s degree today!


You do not have to take an entrance exam to be accepted into our program. You do not have to have a scholarship either. There are no tuition fees, so you do not have to apply for a government loan or grant to pay for your classes. This program is 100% free!
Enroll today in the only educational program in the world where you will learn the truth about the end times. You will learn about how angry God is about society.  We will teach you how to discern false doctrine when you hear it.  You will also learn about giving and caring for the needy. You will learn that the greatest thing we can do for God in our life is helping the sick, poor, and needy!
All the answers you will need for your exam is in our Text Book.  Take an oath to read our Text Book on a daily basis and you will receive your degree today! But  you have to start today!
Just by enrolling, you will be placed on our honor roll. The Dean will waive any mistakes you make on your test. Join today and you will be automatically placed in our elite fraternity Alpha Omega.  After completion of our easy curriculum you will be an expert in:

  • History of Corrupt Government
  •  History and corruption in the judicial system
  •  The history and origin of psychology and Philosophy
  •  History of false religions

If you join our program today, we will include a special complementary course! Subscribe right now and you will receive the course on the Book of Psalms. It teaches you how to compose award winning gospel songs and how to write inspirational poetry!
The semester begins as soon as you open your Textbook! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be taught by the only Professor in the world who will not fail or give you a bad grade on your test! He is the only Professor who grades you based on your faith!
Don’t’ wait; our school is open 24 hours a day. We have easy flexible hours for you to study. The Professor is eagerly waiting to meet His new students today!

                        Order your textbook immediately while supplies last!




  1. How does this work? I want to attend and have been actively looking for online bible colleges and none of the others that I have encountered offer me free tuition! Is this an accredited program? What other things do your courses offer to me?

    1. We offer online inspiration for God. This is not an online college to enroll in. this is a program of inspiration only. Seek inspiration in the Bible. seek your answers from the bible and do not reply solely on a school to teach you about the Bible. God can teach you Himself about what you need to know.


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