Christian Poem to Post on Facebook

Do you need a Christian poem to post on Facebook? If so, God needs servants like you! God needs people like you posting poems and messages about His greatness online! 

God is on Facebook because of the inspirational words, poems, and messages you post there. Help me keep the Spirit of God on Facebook, MySpace, Google, and Yahoo!  by posting this poem today! 


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God is online because servants like you put Him here! Yes, God is online because of His faithful servants who uses the internet to tell the world about Him. God is online because He created all things including the internet! 

"I have been established from everlasting from the beginning, before there was ever a earth" Proverb 8:23
God is on websites like Facebook and MySpace because of you! You put God online when you search the internet looking for spiritual words from the Bible. You put Him online with your prayers and the time you spend searching for a Bible scripture or a Godly or Christian poem. You put Him online when you post an inspirational picture or message. You put Him online when you tweet a message about Him to the world!You put God online when you mention or quote a verse on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Google Plus, etc...

Yes, God is definitely online, but unfortunately, Satan is also here too! Join my efforts to keep God online by sharing this message or posting your own message about God today!

God's Online
O Lord, are You there in cyberspace?
Are You on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace?
I look for You there, I really do...
I search the internet daily looking for You.
I look for You each time I go online,
I use Google search engine to see what I can find.
When I see Your name, I quickly click the link,
I'm sharing this with You to see what You think...
"Behold, in the World Wide Web you can find Me,
I Am  also on the iPhone, iPad and the HD T.V.
Like a lighting bolt moving at the speed of light, 
in seconds-- I visit every single site.
Every site that glorifies Me is mine,
but BEWARE! Satan is also online.
Yes, he can deceive even with an email, 
 He can send messages from from the depths of hell.
Therefore, if you get his message  mark it as spam,
and as far as Me being on the internet-- Yes, I Am!"
Tim Gillam


  1. I was taught as a young child that before we went to bed we would say the child's prayer - I now lay me down to sleep, as I am sure most of us know, but it seems that there was not morning prayer for children to begin their day with God in the minds. So here is mine - " I now awake and start my day, I ask the Lord to show the way, to keep me safe and be my guide and hold me close to his side" .............. Carl Ross


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