Christian Wedding Poems

Allow me to intorduce to you one of our Christain wedding poems called Divine Intervention. Do you want to know how great marriages stay together and endure the test of time? Do you want to know you how your marriage will last forever? (the way God intended)
The answer is Divine intervention! Your marriage will endure the trails of life if it's by Divine Intervention!  A wedding could not happen unless God permitted and joined you and your husband or wife together. I pray God blesses you with love, peace, joy,  happiness. If you like this Christian wedding poem, you are welcome to use it for your wedding!



Divine Intervention

Some people believe things happen by chance,
They believe they can find their own love and romance…

Some people believe love is only happens during a season,
If you ask them about their theory, 
chances are they cannot give you a good reason.

Those people are the ones who have not paid any kind of attention,
marriages and anniversaries only can happen by Divine Intervention!

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