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This isn't a poem about Christian churches. This is a warning about churches that appear to be Christian churches.  The great act they are doing is called "deceit". 

This message is about the greatest coverup in the history of the world. This message is about being deceived by a place that looks and acts like a Christian godly church, but it's not! 
It's the most elaborate con job of all time. Would you like to know who these imposters are?  Read further to find out...

Do not be Deceived by the doctrine of the antichrist! The great deceiver is preaching and selling false hope today! But a walk thru the bible will reveal the truth!
The false prophets are selling their lecture as (hope) to people deceiving even the elect! If God don't come quickly even I will soon become deceived 
False hope is being advertised over the TV by the false prophets of the antichrist. Making people believe they can be blessed by buying their literature. They proclaim their books have the answers to help during these perilous times. This is pure blasphemy! God doesn't need them to sell their literature for Him. God doesn't need for them to sell books, CD's and DVD's to give hope to people. God needs for His true prophets and pastors left here on earth to tell people to take action against the suffering ministries in Africa, Asia, and Middle East.
God needs his people to open their eyes and see this is not the True Gospel. A brief trip through the Bible will reveal these things, but because the act is so great and convincing people are falling by the wayside to the antichrist's doctrine. Satan has sat his throne here to appear as though it's a Christian church. But I assure you their ministry is from the gates of hell!

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ... Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. II Corinthians 11:14

The mega churches have turned themselves into these "angels of light" as stated in the above scripture. Yes, they appear to be doing a great job ministering the word of God, but I assure you the movement to conquer all for yourself is not from God. The movement to forsake and abandoned the oppressed ministries in Africa, Asia, and Middle East is not from God. The movement to ask people to send them their money to stay on TV is not from God. The movement to sell their doctrine in Cd's, books, and DVDs for their own glory is not from God. The movement not to promote the Bible itself is not from God. These churches are selling you lies. The movement is the antichrist, and God is coming to destroy it soon.
Meet Philemon Pastor. He is a minister in Kisii, Kenya who runs an orphanage.  It hurts me to see no one sends aid to his ministry. He has very limited supplies and barely eats. But yet, he still gives glory to God! He gets on Facebook asking and praying someone will have compassion and provide assistance. Unfortunately, the antichrist's movement has made the people pay for their TV shows and not care about these people.

                                           Philemon Pastor    
The antichrist movement is promising prosperity and peace and selling their literature to promote their false hope. The hope of God is not in their books, CD's, or DVD's. The Hope of God is in the Bible itself! Do not be deceived! The proceeds are not helping our suffering ministries in Africa, Asia and Middle East. 
This revelation may be too much for many to bear. I cannot believe I'm caught up in the middle of this myself. Caught up in what you asked? I'm caught up in telling you that you are being lied to by the mega churches. They are satanic and their doctrine is blinding the very elect!
I have done my best to warn you and inform you of the truth. If you are a true bible believer than you should know the antichrist when you see it. But because the antichrist's coverup is so great it has fooled even the greatest bible scholars.
The Antichrist is like a magician who does a magic trick before your eyes and you declare it was real, but it was only an illusion! It was only a misdirection! But it looked real. Please do not be deceived! Their doctrine sounds like it's from God, but it's not. God is not going to tell people to buy their books when His people are suffering and starving to death around the world.
The true Gospel is going tell people to unite and send money and supplies to aid our brothers and sisters in other countries like Africa, Asia,  and Middle East. I have not heard them take up one offering for these small forgotten ministries. I have not once heard them sell a Bible to promote God! Why are you not helping me fight against this antichrist? Please don't fear! We are truly living in the last days here on earth, but  God is going to deliver the ones who haven't turned to their doctrine.
I have no PhD's I'm not a Bible scholar. I'm just a servant of the Lord who is trying to ask people to remember the true Gospel. I cannot fight against the antichrist myself alone. I have told you the truth. I pray you take heed to a word from the Lord. 
God is truly coming to deliver us from the antichrist soon. He will take all from the antichrist and give prosperity and peace to those suffering to death due to neglect and abandonment. When is He coming to do this? God is coming to eradicate this evil system soon!

  "A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another" John 13:34

                                            The meek shall inherit the Earth!

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