Don't Give Up!

Don't ever give up! Are you looking for poems don't give up, poem don't give up, or don't give up poem? if so, you are in the right place.

Where do we go or turn to for help with problems today? Who can help bear our burdens? Who can provide assistance for the socially and economically disadvantaged? Where can we turn to for assistance with employment, food, and housing? Who will come to our aid when the government has cut benefits like social security, Medicaid, and food stamps? Is there any hope that things will get better? No matter what struggles you are going through--- do not give up!

If you are experiencing financial hardship and have no place to turn for help, I pray that this poem can help provide you with a little comfort today.  The pain, anguish, and hardships can be very difficult to bear, but no matter what you are going through—do not ever give up!


Don’t Give Up

Everyday can be a struggle, 
but we got to win this fight,
We got to stay focus even when
 things aren’t going right.
They say what don’t kill 
you makes you stronger,
Pray and ask God to help you 
endure a little longer.
Strength, perseverance, and 
fortitude is the key!
We got to keep fighting 
no matter how hard it may be!
I'm sharing this message to 
help you get through,
just don’t give up-- no matter what you do!

 Continue fighting the good fight of faith!

1 Timothy 6:12

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