Encouraging Poem About Life

This is a poem I wrote about  life called "This Old House". I try to  turn the hardships and failures my life into an encouraging poem. I hope this poem will be so encouraging to you that it makes your heart smile!

This is a short inspirational poem I wrote about how God can restore anything even a ruined condemned home that I lived in for so many years. God can rebuild anything including human beings that's why He is considered a Master Craftsmen!

                                                    This Old House
There was once an old house that stood on a street alone, 
it was now condemned but it was once a very beautiful home.
 The neighborhood was hideous-- the street ran to a dead-end, 
it was truly one of the worse places I’ve ever been. 
It was nothing but dry barren land,
 the only things were there were rocks and blowing sand.
 The structure of the house was completely falling apart,
 but there was something about this house that really captured my heart. 
I knew it was condemned and needed to be torn down, 
but I felt it could be saved if it was rebuilt from the ground. 
Not long ago, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever saw,
 it was like looking at a beautiful rare diamond that didn’t have a flaw.
 Inside use to have a beautifully decorated kitchen, bathroom, and den,
 I just couldn’t believe a jewel like this was about to come to an end.
 I said to myself, “there must be someway to save this fine majestic home, 
it is possible since the foundation is still strong.”
“Indeed, this house can be saved though there is not much of it left, 
since I AM a Master Craftsman I shall restore it Myself. Since it has a solid foundation,  it doesn't have to be torn down,  this house shall become the most beautiful home around. Because of thy faith, I shall make this home thy reward, the entire structure and landscape shall be fully restored. I can restore it with the greatest of ease, because you are My faithful servant in whom I’m well pleased”

Psalm 61, Isaiah 30:18-20, Luke 18:26-27, I Cor 3:16, II Cor 4:16, Eph 2:8-10


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