Fire Poems

Are you searching for poems about fire? Are you looking for a poem that will comfort you from bad memories of a fire? In most cases, the actual fire don't cause death. The smoke from the fire is what causes most fatal fires. Thank God for allowing you to survived a fire. 

If you have experienced being in a fire, I would like to offer my sincere empathy to you. I pray that God heals the awful memories of that terrible experience. I also hope and pray you can find a little inspiration in this poem.

I do not have to experience a physical fire to understand the mental and physical suffering a person endures. I have had to endure my own self-inflicted (mental) fire for years! Can you imagine a fire that never goes out? I suffered this type of mental anguish until God rescued me from the burning flames!


                                          The Great fire

O Lord, I’m trapped in a great fire and about to die,
 I can get through it no matter how hard I try,
If I can overcome these flames,
it would be considered a great feat,
If you don't rescue me soon,
I will surely die from the heat…
Lord, please help me through the burning flame, 
I pray this humble prayer in Jesus' Name…

Behold, if I can create the heavens and earth and separate water from land, then surely I can put out a great fire for a man. When man fails it’s not because of Me, just examine the facts and you shall see. Man is cruel and has evil desires, this is one reason why you cannot overcome this fire. But if you humbles thyself, I will keep you alive, and no matter how great the fire is you shall survive!”

                    Isaiah 26:11, Jeremiah 39:18, James 1:12-15

Tim Gillam
Inspirational Specialist

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