Friend Poem

This is a poem for a special friend. A friend who has sticks by me through thick and thin. This poem is about a friendship that has endured the test of time. A friendship that supports and cares about one another. If this description fits you then dear friend, this poem about a best friend like you...



Life trials brings turmoil then there’s
Fear, things are getting harder than frustration

Struggling through life’s obstacles,
Becoming so confused, 
not knowing the right
Direction, which way to choose…

The destination is the bottom,
 but not knowing how low,
 wondering who can help,
 but Only GOD really knows…

All the avenues are gone 
and I have reached the end, 
 I suddenly realize that I need
a friend…

Someone to help and to show that they care,
Then I remembered I have (YOU)…
Thank you
For being there!!!

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