God is Tired

Are you sick tired and frustrated about paying a huge credit card bill? Are you tired and aggravated about  giving your money away to the government for taxes? Are you mad and angry about paying ridiculous gas prices? Are you sick of paying high prices for food, clothes, rent, mortgages and education? Well, God is also tired of it too! God is tired of the hardships and burdens that governmental systems have put on the sick, poor, and needy. God is sick and tired of seeing His people struggling each day to survive and pay for staying in His own place!


God is tired of seeing His people paying for something that He owns. God made enough natural resources for poverty to end today! There’s enough for everyone here on earth today! God made the earth to yield fruits. Unfortunately, man has taken God’s poverty and has decided to keep it all for himself. But since man cannot share God’s property, he has decided to repossess it soon!
 Contrary to popular belief, greed and selfishness are the reasons why there’s starvation in the world today.  No matter who rich a person becomes, they want more. The problem is God meant for man to share and help one another with the things He blessed us with. How many Hollywood stars, TV celebrities, sports figures, CEO’s, and governmental officials you know are sharing their great wealth with the poor and needy? I have not done a personal study about who helps or don’t help, but I do know not many are donating money and their time to the needy, sick, and poor. As a result, God is coming to remedy this problem soon.

God is Tired

God is tired of seeing the despair of the sick and old,
Their hardships and burdens grieves His soul..
God is tired of the lies about people being free,
the world is imprisoned from sea to sea.
God is coming to wash the earth
Using his own special soap,
Because He is tired of seeing the needy
losing hope.
God is tired of seeing His people suffering
Anguish, grief and pain,
He is fed up with no one helping the needy maintain!

Isaiah 61:1


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