God moves in mysterious ways

This is a poem about God mysterious ways.  Its no mystery that God wants us to love and help each other. It's no mystery that God hears the cries of His suffering people. There's no mystery that God hears the sick and needy call to Him in prayer!

When I was in a cold lonely jail cell, I began wondering weather or not God cared about me.  "God is You There?" was my constant prayer. "If You are there than please say something or reveal Yourself so I won't feel like I'm by myself".
This is a short poem called "God was There". He was there during my hardships and frustrations. He was there to give me the strength to continue forward. At my lowest point God was there to provide hope and inspiration. I

I wrote this poem to encourage anyone who may be going through a difficult time in their life. It's for anyone wondering about the mysteries of God.  No more mystery for me! I know God was there to comfort me and help me get through my darkest hour! 
I pray this poem can answer the mystery about God being there.

God was There

O Lord, sometimes I wanna break down and shed a tear,
when I think about all my trials I endured this year.
My anguish causes me not to sleep,
though I'm suffering I try not to weep.
I asked You repeatedly to send a little help,
I asked You to guide my every step.
I thought today would be a better day when it got started,
but I’m still lonely, depressed, and brokenhearted.
I’m so discouraged until I don’t know what to do,
I've been hoping and praying to at least
get an encouraging word from You...
                 “Behold, I was there when you was worried, 
                                     lonely, and depressed,
and  I was also there when you was unable to rest. 
I was there when things appeared to be at their worst,
 all you have to do is keep Me first.
 During the times you were in despair and needed help, 
I was there to guide your every step. 
Yes, I stood right by your side, even when you doubted-- 
My love never died. Are not all My words all true?  
Was I not there to strengthen and comfort you? 
Wherefore, look back and pay closer attention,
 I bear witness I was there through your all affliction”

Isaiah 26:3-9, Proverbs 8: 23-30, Isaiah 61:1-2

Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

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