Grief Poems

This is not poems about grief, grief poems, grief poetry, or poems on grief. This is an inspirational prayer to the Lord. I pray it add comfort to your heart.

I don't know the circumstances in your life that's causing you to be grieved, but I hope and pray this poem will help brighten your day. I have endured my fair share of sorrow and grief in my life: drugs, jail, prison, lost of loved one, jobless, homeless, etc... So I can relate to whatever kind of grief you are suffering with.
If you are suffering with grief about the lost of a loved one, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to you. see (Sympathy Poems). But if you are in grief about the cares of the world than this poem may help you feel better. It's about my life. It's my testimony in a poem. I hope you can find some inspiration in it.
The Lord Will Deliver

O Lord, please remove the grief 
from within my heart,
remove all the pain and sorrow
 that grieves in the dark.
 Sometimes I don’t know if 
I can make it through the day,
Lord when will You 
take my burdens away?
 When I do have a good day, 
Satan always appear
He comes to rob me of joy
 and tries to put me in fear.
 Lord I’m begging You 
for some type of spiritual direction,
During my trials, O Lord, 
please keep me in Your loving protection!

Deuteronomy I: 29-32,Jeremiah 39:17, John 7:50-51; 8:15-16,II Corinthians 1:3-4, Ephesians 6:12
Tim Gillam

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