Inspirational Leaders Needed

Immediate positions available for inspirational leaders! You don’t not have to write inspirational poetry, inspirational poems, inspirational or motivational speeches for this job. You do not have to write positive inspirational messages, inspirational quotes, nor inspiring comforting messages for this position. The only thing required for this job is a caring heart!


Great Career Opportunity
This is a great rewarding career opportunity for you. You can receive great benefits and unlimited commission and compensation package. The best part of this is you don’t have to have prior work experience for this job.

Equal Employment Opportunity
You will not be discriminated against under any circumstances. You are qualified for this position regardless of age, race, color, or church preference. You are qualified for this position regardless of your educational background. You do not need a college degree for this job. You do not have to have prior work experience either. You do not have to submit an urine sample nor be subjected to a criminal background check.  We are not concerned about any mistakes you made in the past.

No Applicant will be rejected
Your application for this work will not be denied by any reason. We will not exclude you from the opportunity to have a successful career helping and motivating others. The only requirement for this position is a compassionate and a caring heart!
Job Duties
If you fit the above criteria, you can start today! Your duties includes but not limited to: kindness, compassion, love, etc…  This position must be taken seriously and you must do it to the best of your abilities. You must administer compassion on the sick, suffering, lonely, and brokenhearted. You can work from home, but at times you may have to leave the comfort of your home in order in fulfill your mandatory job duties. You may be required to briefly go out into the field (streets) to help, encourage, inspire, feed the hungry, and visit the sick or prisoners in confinement.

 Work Flexible Hours
You are at liberty to set your own hours to work, and you can work at your own pace! Your Supervisor will be monitoring your productivity and performance. However, He will not force you to work or force you to perform the required duties you were assigned to do. He may dock your pay if He sees you are not fulfilling your work obligations. 

Mandatory Policy
By policy, in order to activate the commission and compensation package, you are required to perform at least 12 hours of service per week.

Join The Team Today!
Join today and become an Inspirational Leader. We look forward in seeing the lonely, sick, suffering hearts smile again because of your service!

Matthew 9:35-40

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