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Do you need a positive inspirational message to help you get through the day? Are you frustrated and tired and need a special message to help provide relief?
If you came looking for an inspiring or inspirational message you are in the right place. If you are looking for encouragement you are also in the right place.

This is the only site on the web dedicated in inspirational messages to make the heart smile! We specialize in inspiration!
If you need a little inspiration, I have a special message especially for you!


                                A Special Message for You

This is a special message
that I want you to save and read,
 its for any difficult time
or if you are really in need...

This message will help anyone
if they are overcome by stress,
or even if you are aggravated,
frustrated or depressed...

It's also for a time where
you may be feeling blue,
and you need a little inspiration
to help uplift you...

God will get you through it
regardless of your case,
I pray that this special message
has left a smile on your face!

Proverbs 8:17

By: Tim Gillam

1 comment:

  1. This is beautifully written and I am sending it to my sister-in-law as we just lost her older sister which was devastating to all of us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful messages. Sharon


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