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This is the only inspirational short story you will ever read that offers suspense, drama, humor, and inspiration too! This story has everything except fiction. This story is a non-fictional story based on true life. It could be called "The Life and Times of Tim Gillam"! The title reflects the theme of my life.

                                  A Storm From Hell

                               This is a true story I’m going share with you today,
it about survival and it went this way. 
In a remote region of the world not very long ago,
I survived a violent storm of rain, hail, sleet and snow.
I was on tropical island: ponds, flowers, and trees, 
it was perfect weather conditions--  
sunshine with a nice warm breeze. 
But one day, the sky turned dark and high winds blew, 
not only did it rain, but it also hailed too.
 It was so strange seeing this bad weather appear, 
especially since this happened during a perfect time of the year. 
First, I heard thunder and lightning then came freezing rain,
before I got through that sleet and snow also came. 
I was very scared when the rain turned into snow,
I sought for shelter, but there was no place to go.
I assure you that this isn't some fairy tail,
I actually was in this storm from hell.
I was very close to death as snow and ice covered my face, 
but I keep fighting because I didn't want to die in this place. 
No matter what, I continued to fight,
I fought to stay alive day and night.
I was close to death as I coughed and sneezed, 
I said a quick prayer to the Lord and fell to my knees.
“O’ Lord, I’m about to die from this cold arctic air, 
the harsh weather conditions are much more than I can bear.”
Suddenly, there was a big change in the way I felt, 
the wind stopped blowing and the snow began to melt. 
I realized that the Lord had come to my aid, 
the weather immediately changed as soon as I prayed. 
There was no more wind, snow, or freezing rain,
 I was relieved from misery, anguish, grief, and pain. 
 I couldn’t believe how the storm disappeared,
 the dark clouds vanished and the sun reappeared. 
Joy filled my heart as it begun to get warm, 
I’m so thankful He delivered me from this storm!

   II Samuel 22:7-37
Tim Gillam,
Inspirational Specialist

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