Inspirational Words

If you are burden with something in your life and need a word of encouragement, I pray that these inspirational words can inspire and motivate you to continue fighting the good fight of faith. I also pray that this poem will provide you with encouragement and help brighten your day.

                                        The Hidden Valley

I was once trapped in a place not long ago,
Where the sun never shined and nothing would grow.
Dark clouds covered the sky and it was pouring down rain,
I tried running for shelter but I only ran in vain,
No life existed, not even birds or bees,
And there was no vegetation such as flowers or trees.
The weather stayed awful, summer, winter and spring,
And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t see a thing.
The valley was bare only rocks covered the ground,
I cried out for help, but there was no one around.
The clouds made the sky so dark I couldn’t tell day from night,
It would have been a blessing just to see a ray of light.
Because I couldn’t see any light, I became filled with doubt,
That I would ever find the path that led the way out.
I became discouraged because I knew I was all alone.
I tried to continue forward, but I had not strength to carry on.
Then I lost hope, despair filled my heart,
I fell to my knees and prayed to my Lord in the dark:
“O, Lord, this is a matter of life and death,
Please help me Lord”, I prayed by myself.
Then the Lord opened my eyes and showed me a sign,
And I knew instantly everything would be fine.
While still on my knees, I saw this message appear:


The message gave me hope and put a smile on my face, and
It gave me the strength to make it out of this place.
Then appearing before my eyes a very beautiful sight,
Just beyond the dark clouds was a pure ray of light.
When I saw a road appear it became clear as day,
The Lord was giving me a sign to travel this way,
When the dark clouds finally left, I was able to see,
That the valley was created by fear dwelling in me!

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