Jungle Poem

This poem about the jungle also known as society. Living in society today is like surviving in a jungle.You may become a victim of a wild beast that looks for prey day and night. Unfortunately, those who can endure the evils of the jungle are just a few! I pray that God protects you and your family in this wild crazy jungle!


Jungle of Sin

I’m trapped in a jungle where wild beast roams throughout,
I have sought endlessly, but can’t find a way out.
There’s poisonous snakes that can kill with one bite,
and hungry scavengers that prey of the weak at night.
All the animals fight for their own territory and space,
it’s really a shame witnessing their lives going to waste.
A vicious wild beast looked at me directly in my face,
                        I called on the Lord and was saved by His grace.
There were many wild beast that walked right by,
God  protected me and didn’t allow me to die…
“Blessed are those who endure to the end,
Indeed you live in a jungle called sin.
All the vicious scary animals are scared of Me,
just mention My name and they shall all flee.
Many animals appear to be harmless as a dove,
they even prophesied in my name about peace and love.
But do not be scared of the vicious wild beast,
They roam the earth to,
Take away your joy, happiness, and peace.
The wild animals look for prey all day and night,
Though the lion roar he will not bite.
In a little while not many will be able
to endure the great jungle of sin,
But He who endures shall be saved
in the in the end!”

Exodus 14:14, Psalm 27, Jeremiah 24:10, Matthew 10:22-25, Ephesians 2:8, 6:11-17, II Corinthians 3:17, Acts 26:15, Revelations 3:19-22, James 1:3

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