Keep Faith Poem

Are you searching for Christian faith poems, Christian poems about faith, or Christian poems on faith?

Do you need a poem for problems and stress. Do you need a Christian poem for worries and stress. Do you need encouraging uplift spiritual poem about faith and hope? Do you need a godly poem to inspire a friend who are going through hardships? Do you need a poem to comfort the lonely or depressed?

Well, if you have answered yes to any of those questions, I have a special word for you--- Keep Faith!


Keep Faith!

Is your day a little dreary,
 are you in despair?
are your grief and frustration
more than you can bear?
If you are experiencing hardships
or feel trapped like an animal
whose locked in a cage.
These words will help anyone regardless
 religion, color, or age.
Remember these words
This remedy has worked for me,
and I'm offering it to you absolutely free!
When you have no one to turn to 
                       or help in bearing your grief,
I have a special word 
that will provide a little relief.
Do not worry, do not shed a tear,
Do not allow your problems
put you in fear.

Do not seek sympathy,
nor should you complain,
 in spite of your storm,
you will overcome the rain!
Your sunshine
and your Happiness
isn't far away,
 your faith will allow you
 to see it today!

Tim Gillam

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