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Dear church member, an urgent matter has come up and I write this letter to you praying that you will find it in your heart to hear the cries of the sick, suffering, and afflicted in Africa, Asia, and middle East. I have enclosed an idea of how we can help provide relief.


Dear Member;
Praise the Lord!
It’s a blessing to be able to share this great ministry with a saint of God. I pray that God is blessing you and your family.
The Lord is calling His church to raise funds for small ministries around the world like in Africa, Asia, and Middle East. They struggle to survive on a daily basis. God wants us to reach out and provide assistance and aid.
It would honor and please the lord if we could come together and help the needy who go without daily necessities. I pray that you will  consider this great calling on the Lord.
Thank you very much for your time and service for the Lord. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.

May God bless you!

Bro Tim, 

P.S., by purchasing our faith poem you will be helping providing support to the needy!


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  1. I appreciate this as you preach such a beautiful message and I wish God bless All the peoples.


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