Memorial Poems for Christians Personalized

Personalized memorial poems and sympathy poems for funerals adds comfort to a grieving heart! Mourning the death of a loved one can be very difficult, but it helps having inspirational words to comfort and console us during grief. If you need a poem for funeral we can have one ready for you today!

Allow us to bring inspiration to your grieving heart by personalizing  a memorial or sympathy poem for you today!

It can be presented it in a frame and sent to you immediately! It can also be presented in a handmade sympathy card, or both! It can also be emailed to you today!

We can add their name your name to the poem and write it with the exact sentiments you would like to say.

6x9 frame

Memorial poem

Handmade sympathy card

We can use one of our own memorial poems or create you one from the Bible within 24 hours! You cannot get it any quicker than that being handmade!

Call us to discuss a customized memorial poem for you and your family today! We guarantee the words will comfort your heart! 

 Nancy, nothing can ever Prepare us 
for the passing of a loved one.
Sometimes words can’t comfort our heart
No matter how encouraging they are.
 Sorrow and grief over takes us
when our loved one passes on.
When we pray and ask
For strength and courage to
Overcome all the sorrow that so heavenly in our hearts,
something strange happens,
God blesses us with the strength and fortitude
to get through our sorrow!
He makes us rejoice about one of His saints
making it home!

Call today and tell me what you want your poem to say!

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