Memories Poem

Do you have special memories of a loved-one? Are the memories buried deep in your heart?  Do you reminisce about the good times and bad times of a relationship or marriage? If so, this poem about the special moments you shared is for you.

Special Memories

When I look at my life,
I reflect on those special 
moments that we shared.
Unfortunately, there are some parts 
of our relationship I took things for granted, 
and I regard it deeply.

I wish I were able to go back 
and relive some of those special times
we shared together. 
They mean so much to me.

I wish there were a way to capture 
and store special moments that always brightens
my day if or when I became discouraged.

I cannot bring back those special times, 
but I can always reflect on them 
because I have all of them 
stored away deep in my heart!

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