Moses and the Promised Land

This is a short poem about Moses and the Promised Land. Was Moses' promised land the wilderness? Why didn't' God give Moses the promises land? Why didn't Moses enter the promised land? 

God was with Moses journey to the promised Land, but He didn't allow Moses to live there. Moses saw the land God promised, but he didn't even get a chance to visit it. Where is the land God promised to Abraham? Where is the land of milk and honey? God promised Abraham a great nation and a land flowing with milk and honey. Moses didn’t get the opportunity to live in the land flowing with milk and honey. Has God reneged on the promise He made to Abraham in the Bible about blessing his descendants (me) with a great land flowing with milk and honey?

The Promised Land

O Lord, I’ve been wandering
in the wilderness for over 40 years,
When I think about being here,
I have to fight back my tears.
I’m about die out here in the hot dessert sand,
But before I die please allow me to see the Land.
Why didn’t You give it to Moses
when he crossed the red sea?
Why won’t You give all
You promised to me?

“Behold, I shall surely bless
your mind, body, and soul,
The  promise I gave is worth more than gold.
But there are certain requirements before entering the land,
They are the same requirement that applies to every man.
What I have promised thou shall surely reap,
I promise that I will not allow
you to die in the hot dessert heat..
Indeed, I made this promise to Abraham Myself,
I bless Abraham with long life and great wealth.
Guess what Moses wanted when I showed him place?
He wanted to see you there with a great smile on your face.”

Numbers 6:24-27, Deuteronomy 26:11-19, Joshua 24, Jeremiah 26:36

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