Motivational Poems

 This is a poem about motivation. This poem is also about encouragement, but it's also about depair! It's called "A Great Vision" I pray it brings inspiration to your heart!

                                           A Great Vision             

I feel a little weary,
 deep in despair,
The grief and frustration
is so difficult to bear.
it’s hard to keep calm living
in so much rage,
It's like a wild animal
whose locked in a cage.
Clawing and fighting,
wanting to be set free!
In this state-of-mind isn’t
 where I want to be.
There’s no one to rescue me
 or help bear my grief,
just to have someone to embrace me,
would be a big relief.
Are my emotions are too extreme?
 I’m trying not to shed a tear,
I go through hardships year after year.
 I’m not seeking sympathy,
nor do I want to complain,
in spite of the stormy weather,
I know that there’s sunshine
 after the rain.
I have a great vision, but it seems so far away,
but I have faith in GOD that
HE will bless me to see that day!

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1 comment:

  1. Praise be Jesus and may God's blessing be felt in everyone's heart.

    I spend little time on the internet, but your site provided a bit of inspiration, so please allow me to return the favor.

    Remember, no matter who you are, whether you believe or do not, God loves us all equally the same; I say this lovingly to soften our hearts.

    Please take this reflection and sit with it for a few moments setting your perspective and view of our God aside.

    Delve into the silence with an open heart and open mind inviting the indwelling of the Spirit asking the Father and the Son to pass through your door. Perhaps, invite the Blessed Mother as well, she is an awesome mother and full of love and guidance.

    My peace I give with all my Love,



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