The Perfect Gift

The perfect Gift is a Bible! or The perfect Gifts for a friend is a e Bible!

The perfect gift is an electronic Bible! The perfect gift to give to your church leaders is the e-Bible (aka) i Bible. It's called the i Bible because they are the next best thing to Apple products.

They are small compact and easy to use. They are so easy to use that a child could use it. People in ministry aren't always able to carry their personal Bibles with them. But with the e-Bible a person can carry everywhere they go and it never gets in the way!

The e-Bible is a great gift for anyone who loves the Lord! The e-Bible is the only gift that they are guaranteed to use! Buy it today!

The Franklin electronic bible comes with both King James Version and NIV., It also has an dictionary in it. The 475 model is considered the model available today! Having this model is like having an iPhone as far as quality and technology is concerned. Purchase this great gift for your special occasions today!

                                                              Only $99.36

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