Poem about the Promised Land

Why did Moses never get to the Promised Land? God promised Abraham, but Mose got there. Why did the people die in the wilderness and never crossed over the Jordan River? Why did God allow those people to live out in their lives in the hot desert with barely water and food to eat? Why did Jesus allow them to die and never giving them the Promise?

God listened to how His people complained and were never satisfied about anything. They always had a problem with their living arrangements. Many wanted to return to bondage in Egypt. They felt that at least they would have a decent meal to eat on a regular basis!

Unfortunately, God keeps us in the wilderness for many years due to our selflessness, greed and pride. Once God sees that He can count on us and won't turn our backs on Him, He makes away for us to go across the Jordan and possess the things He promised to us thousands of years ago!



The Promised Land

I once had a bad dream that seemed so real,
I looked on the world and it gave my body chills.
Everyone had been possess by the Spirit of Pride,
many tried running from it, but there was no place to hide.
It was like a great depression on God’s people everyone was broke,
When I saw the lack of caring, I immediately awoke.
Then I prayed, “O Lord, I saw an evil spirit spreading throughout the nation, Please tell me if this was a bad dream or just my imagination”…

“Do thou not remember when My people were in Egypt
and I sent Moses to set them free?
I showed them many signs, but they still refused
to trust and believe in Me.
I showed them one sign when I sent burning hail,
then when they were hungry, I had compassion
and sent them Quail.
I even parted the Red Sea because
of the love I have for man,
but because selfishness, they did not reach the Promised Land.
Then they lifted up their voices
and complained and cried,
when they rebelled against Me,
My love for some of them died.
Now, after all these years,
they still rebel against Me,
they are still ungrateful, proud
and forgotten that I set them free.
I held their hands and showed them the Light,
No not one on earth is doing what’s right.
The vision was not a bad dream
nor was it your imagination,
tell Me, how long shall I bear with this evil generation?
Wherefore, since they have closed their eyes
and covered their ears,
they shall surely dwell in the wilderness
for many more years!”

Tim Gillam

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