Poem about what Jesus said in the Bible

This is a poem about Jesus. This poem is about loving our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus said There is no greater than love!  Jesus said the Ten commandments hangs on love!

The Jesus in the Holy Bible said that we MUST love! We MUST love God first with all our minds, hearts, and souls. Then He said we MUST love our neighbor as our ourselves. But the problem is no one knows who their neighbor is today? Jesus told us who our neighbors are, but unfortunately, erroneous doctrine has made people believe that their neighbor is next door! If you are confused about who your neighbor then this poem about what Jesus said in the bible will enlighten you.

Who is My Neighbor

The Lord give me a job that
didn't require much labor,
all I had to do was help my neighbor.
I overlooked all the sick, weak, and poor,
I over looked the needy and didn't help them endure
Suddenly, I felt a great, great presence appear,
He spoke these words directly in my ear…

“Behold, to love the Lord thy God
 is My Greatest Command,
and to love thy neighbor is
the second greatest for man.
The greatest commandment is
helping the sick and poor, if you love Me
then you will help the needy endure.
Why do people find helping the needy so terrible?
Do anyone remember My parable?
'There was a man robbed, beaten,
and left to die on the street,
he laid there thirsty, dying,
and without food to eat.
A self-righteous preacher turned
his head as he passed by,
but a stranger helped because
he did not want to see the poor man died.
He fed, clothed, and paid for him to stay in an Inn,
he rescued him and treated him like a friend.
Then it came to pass he got well
and praised God the very next day,
 just because the humble servant
showed compassion as he was going on his way.'
Indeed! thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself,
because love is difference between life and death!”

*Luke 10:25-27
*Proverb 21:13
*1Corinthian 13:13

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