Poems about Compassion

The greatest asset a person has isn't wealth. The greatest asset is heath and strength. The second greatest asset is not having a home, car, or jewelry. The second greatest asset is having Jesus type of compassion! Jesus ministered to the poor and needy, feed the hungry, and cared enough to send a message to a prison where John the baptist was housed in. If Jesus cared and did all those things why can't we do it too? Can you write to a soul in prison today? Can you visit the sick and suffering? If nothing ease, can you at least offer a kind inspirational word to the poor?


                                   Have Compassion

O lord, I'm begging You for compassion
 in this special prayer, 
seeing the pain of your sheep
is more than I can bear... 

They are truly being done wrong,
Please bless them with the strength 
to continue fighting on...

"Behold, it appears all hope is lost and gone,
 My poor meek sheep have been left  alone...
But  I declare, I shall bless them with strength and power,
I shall lift their burdens this very hour." 

Matthew 17:20

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