Poems about Despair

This poem isn't about despair, it's about hope! Do not Despair because hope and inspiration is here!. God is our hope when we are in despair! God can give hope under any type of problems we deal with.

God gave me hope and a reason to want to continue living when I was in jail heading to prison. I didn't feel I had any reason to want to live. I was living a wasted life! I contemplated suicide, but I didn't have the guts to carry it out. 
At my lowest point, God came and deliver me from my despair and gave me hope and a reason to want to live. If your are dealing with despair, I pray my short testimony will provide you with inspiration and hope. I also pray you can find inspiration in this poem called the Great Fire 

                                                  The Great Fire

O Lord, I’m trapped in a great fire that will not die,
 I can get through it no matter how hard I try,
Anyone who can overcome these flames
would be considered a great feat,
Not many would be able to endure the constant heat…
Lord, I cannot make it through the burning flame,
 My only option is to call on Your Name…
Behold, if I can create the heavens and earth and separate water from land, then surely I can put out a great fire for a man. When man fails it’s not because of Me, just examine the facts and you shall see. Man is cruel and has evil desires, this is one reason why you cannot overcome this fire. But if you humbles thyself, I will keep you alive, and no matter how great the fire is you shall survive!”

                    Isaiah 26:11, Jeremiah 39:18, James 1:12-15

Tim Gillam
Inspirational Specialist

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