Poems about Home Improvement

This is not a new house poem or poetry about a house. This is not a poem about homes or houses. This poem is not about remodeling and construction. This Home improvement poem is all about remodeling or restoring an old home that was abandon and ready to be demolished.  This poem is about me!


                                    This Old House

There were once an old house that stood all alone,
it stood condemned but it was once a very beautiful home. 
The street was hideous, it ran to a dead-end, 
it was one of the worse places that I’ve ever been. 
There was no plant life only dry barren land; 
the only things were there were rocks and blowing sand. 
The structure of the house was completely falling apart, 
but there was something special about the house that really captured my heart.
 I knew it was condemned and needed to torn down, 
but I knew it could be saved if it was rebuilt from the ground. 
Not long ago it was the most beautiful home you ever saw,
 it was like a precious rare diamond without having a flaw. 
Inside, there was a beautiful custom kitchen, bathroom, and den; 
I couldn’t believe this jewel was coming to an end.
 I said to myself, “there must be someway to save this old majestic home,” 
I felt it was possible since the foundation was still strong. 
There was no roof window, nor doors, 
the only things were there were the wooden frame and floors. 
It appeared to be abandoned forever, 
but that was not the case, not long ago it was once a very beautiful place. 
Incredibly, the house got this way because of problems and strife, 
but I was confident that I could restore it back to life. 
It appeared to be far beyond repair, 
doing all the work myself was more than I could bear. 
After receiving an estimate, I fell to my knees to pray,
 because the job cost far more than I could pay…
O Lord,” I said, “please help me to restore this old run-down home,
 I believe it can be saved since the foundation is strong”…
Indeed, this house can be saved 
though there is not much of it left,
because I AM a Master Carpenter, 
I shall rebuild the entire house Myself.
I shall not allow this house to be torn down; 
indeed, I  shall rebuild it completely from the ground.
Because of thy faith, I shall make the new house thy reward; 
the entire house shall be fully restored. 
I can restore it and give it life 
with the greatest of ease, 
and after it has come to pass,
thou shall be well pleased!”

He restored the old house and gave it to me, 
I’m so thankful He did all the work for free!

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  1. Shrewdly worked by the creator and Stunningly delightful usage of words.momswriteconstruction


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