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This poem about Jesus is about what He said regarding the end times. It's about the last days. It's about prophecy.

I believe Jesus' greatest message in the Bible is found in Matthew chapter 24 because He lets us know that the end is near! If God can speak through a burning bush then surely, He can speak through this poem!


I consider Mathew 24 the greatest message in the Bible because He warns us about the false prophets of the last days. He prophesied about how people's hearts will become wax cold (uncaring) in the last days.  He said false christs and prophets will rise up and deceive many (even bible scholars) in the last days. 
He said when we see these things happening we will know it's close to the end!
He said "immediately" after these tribulations, He will appear to gather all His faithful who have not been deceived by all the false prophets and antichrists that exist today.

Matthew 24 is The Bible Code!


O Lord, when I get ready to read the Holy Bible,
I don’t know where to start reading first,
the scriptures are so powerful,
I simply love every verse.
From Genesis to Revelation, I just love every story,
I write about it to give You the Glory.
It’s so amazing how the world is foretold,
but how is this possible
when the Scriptures are thousands of years old?
 “Blessed is the man that makes Me the apple of his eye, 
and exalts My name above the clouds in the sky. 
Genesis to Revelation all bears witness to Me, 
and because thou love the Scriptures, 
I shall answer thy question for thee. 
For many years, I have sought for someone 
who would not turn from the true, but found none,
 I  rejoice to  find just one.
 I did not say anything in the Scriptures 
in order to confuse man, 
all the things I prophesied about are so simple 
that even a child can understand. 
Did thou see how man exalted himself from Adam to Paul? 
There is no difference in today when thou see the wicked rise and fall.
 Not one word I said a man can say is untrue,
 I prophesied about the end times 
so no one will be surprise at what I Am coming to do.
 Even if Moses and Samuel were living in this world today,
 these rebellious people still would not believe that I told them what to say. This is why when My Judgment comes, it shall not be a good day for man, many do not believe that I gave Moses My Holy Command.
 Do thou not remember all the things I foretold?
 I said that in the last days the love of many shall grow cold.
 There shall be famine and disease in many different places,
 and the Gospel of the Kingdom 
shall be preached to all nationalities and races. 
Thou shall see wars and hear rumors of wars, 
great tribulation shall man have to endure.
 Thou shall see and hear false doctrine being taught,
 and hear of conflicts and sorrows after nations have fought.
 Now when thou see all these abominations
 thou shall know it’s close to the end, 
and I shall come quickly, 
when I’m tired of seeing all this sin. 
But the end shall not come 
until all these things come first, 
I said the wickedness of each generation 
shall become worse and worse. 
See, I have told thee again about the end times, 
but woe to the man that does not take heed of these signs.
 Wherefore, if thou do not believe anything else 
just believe what I Am about to say, 
what I said thousands of years ago 
was meant for today!”

Featured Verse:

Inspired By:
Psalm 119:1-8, Proverbs 7:1-3; 22:17-21, Exodus 34:1-35, Ezekiel 22; 30, Jeremiah 15:7-8, Thessalonians 2:

Tim Gillam

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