Poems about Mental Health

Are you receiving mental health treatments and therapy? Have you been diagnose with a mental health disease? If so, help me diagnose my life. These are my symptoms: frustration, angry, mad, sorrow, grief, etc...  This is poem about mental anguish, I wrote it while in prison.  I hope and pray this poem will help brighten your day. In an event that it doesn't, I offer you these words of hope--- hang in there!



A Great Vision

The day is a little weary,
in deep despair,
The grief and frustration
is so difficult to bear.
it’s hard to keep calm living
in so much rage,
It’s like a wild animal
whose locked in a cage.
Clawing and fighting,
wanting to be set free!
In this state-of-mind isn’t
where I want to be.
There’s no one to rescue me
or help bear my grief,
just to have a warm embrace
would be a big relief.
Are my emotions are too extreme?
I’m trying not to shed a tear,
I go through hardships year after year.
I’m not seeking sympathy,
nor do I want to complain,
in spite of the stormy weather,
I know that there’s sunshine
after the rain.
I have a Great Vision, but it seems so far away,
but I have faith in GOD that
HE will bless me to see that day!

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