Poems About the Poor

Who will help the poor? Who will  help the needy?  Who will comfort and aid the sick, poor and needy today? This is not an encouraging type poem that makes humor about being needy. This is a real issue and an urgent message from God Himself!

My heart cries out to all the suffering people in Africa, Asia, and Middle East.  My heart also cries out for the people all over the world who have been cast down and forsaken by the rich and wealthy.
People are suffering great anguish and pain because no one helps them. Several of my Facebook friends and other small ministries in Africa and Middle East have been crying and pleading for help.They need immediate assistance, but no one hears their cries-- except God!

I wish they didn't ask me for help. I wish I wasn't apart of witnessing their pain, anguish, and hardship. Not because I don't care it's because I'm financially unable to provide any assistance.  But there are many wealthy politicians, actors, athletes who can offer a helping hand.
The people you watch on TV each day could at lease acknowledge this great atrocity, but the won't. They are scared of sharing their great wealth.  Selfishness and greed is a great sin to God. He is about to do something about it soon!

Please consider donating to this ministry so we can help provide aid to the sick, hungry, and afflicted.

Please help the sick and suffering people who are crying for your help. They are not hard to find. I have a few listed on this blog.
My heart cries for help daily that God will send someone to help them. I pray with all my strength you will give $5 today. God will reward your faith!

                             God Will Not Forsake the Poor  
  Many say it’s a thin line between love and hate,

and that good things always comes to those who wait.

But I say help those who are economically disabled;

invite the hungry to sit down for a meal at your table.

Show the sick and poor that there is still people who care,

because it will make their burdens a little easier to bear.

There’s not many who reaches out with love and concern,

without them wanting something back in return…

“Helping thy neighbor is like a breath of fresh air,

I always rejoice whenever I see My people share.

Indeed, there’s not many left who really and truly care,

selfishness is one thing that even I Am unable to bear.

Remember when I sent a flood

to get rid of the wickedness of man?

it still has not stopped wickedness,

from spreading throughout the land.

I even gave my life when I died on the tree,

but their hearts are still hardened

and have rebelled against Me.

If they have forsaken the sick and poor,

they have also forsaken Me.

Indeed, the earth is still full of wickedness

as far as My eyes can see.

Wherefore, since they have done these things,

there is something I most declare,

I shall not forsake the needy

who calls to Me in prayer.”

Psalm 51:16-17, Proverbs 28:27, Isaiah 1:4-10, 41-17 Matthew 25:35-40, Luke 16:19-31

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