Poems about Weather

The extreme weather forecast for today is severe thunder storms and the high will be 100! Also, look for a snow storm and hurricane type winds this evening. Tonight we will see temperature fall to 20 below! If you are experiencing extreme weather conditions this weather poem will provide a little comfort and inspiration. The best way to endure harsh weather conditions is to stay thankful that you made it through the storm!


Extreme Weather

When it’s freezing cold outside and you can’t keep warm,
or you are trying to figure out how to survive a storm…
take these words and use them as a tool,
no matter how severe the weather is remember this one rule…
thank the Lord while on your knees,
He didn't allow you to die from heat or even freeze.
If it’s storming and rain and sleet are pouring down from the sky,
thank the Lord for not allowing you to die.
Just remember when the weather gets too hot or cold for you,
Just thank the Lord for getting you through!

                                                    Jeremiah 26:13


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