Poems for Christian Memorials

Christian poems about death of a loved one, biblical poems about death, remembrance poems for death, spiritual poems on death, and spiritual poems death are all memorial poetry!

 My condolences to the lost of your loved one. I know it's difficult losing a loved one. The only comfort we have is through what God say about death. God knows how it feels to lose a loved one. He once mourned about death Himself. I hope and pray this memorial poem can bring healing to your heart.


Death is the Beginning

When our love-one pass away,
God wants us to stay strong,
Because when we believe in Him,
 life continues on…
But the grief of death is more
 than most can bear,
 so I went to the Lord
 and asked Him about death in prayer:
 I asked:
"Why do we have to die?”
"You shall understand this one day.”
 was His reply.
 Then He said:
 "Life is only a short phase,
 so don’t despair--
 In the midst of grief and sorrow,
 My Grace is always there…”
 He also said:
 “Keep Faith when life seems
 like it has come to an end—
That’s when
 life truly begins!”

JOHN 11:25:26

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