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Are you looking for a: church prayer request online,  Christian online prayer request, Christian prayer online, or Christian prayer request? If so, you can leave your online prayer request here!

Do you need prayer for healing or healing prayer today? Do you need instant prayer for a job? Do you need prayer for your mother's or father's health? What about prayer for your child or family? If you need prayer for a sick loved one or a church member then please allow me to introduce to you the The Prayer Exchange.

The Prayer Exchange is for anyone needing instant prayer. All you have to do is leave your instant prayer request in the comment box below and your prayers will be prayed over by God's faithful servants who pray and mediate to the Lord all day!


How does The Prayer Exchange Work?
Leave your prayer request below, and your prayer will be instantly prayed over by us and the next person asking for prayer. We are praying for each other! The Prayer Exchange is nothing new. Many call it intercessory prayer (praying for others). We call it Prayer Exchange because God wants us to help bear each others burdens. Many of our burdens are released in prayer! So when you post a prayer do not doubt your prayer will not be heard or answered. It will be instantly by heard and answered God Himself! But only if you believe!

 "pray without ceasing" I Thessalonians 5:17


  1. My prayer request is for sister Alicia Simmons. She is suffering from a nervous breakdown. Satan is attacking her mind. I pray that God delivers her in Jesus' name! amen

  2. This is AWESOME!!!!!

    1. May God bless you for your faith and courage in Jesus' name amen

  3. EFE is my name i need prayer of breakthrough in my life

    1. God bless you for your great faith. I am praying the Lord provides you with a breakthrough of peace, joy and happiness forever!

  4. Bless you all, I have only two wishes: the first is to find a suitable job which can grant me what money can't,and that is personal fulfillment , and my second is to find my soul mate, not a lover ,husband nor even a friend ,the missing part who makes me whole again. Thank you ,May all prayers be fulfilled , I believe humans are sent here to live happily and proudly

  5. May the Lord Bless you all, I have never did this before, but I do believe in God with all my heart and soul, I'am asking for people to pray with me...My husband and I have 2 weeks to move, we have just put an application for a two bedroom house, because I have 4 grandchildren, and I have 2 dogs, who saved my life, and whom I cannot live without. Please, Please pray with me to the Lord to get the house, as we really need it. Also my husband wants to move to a small town (if we donot get the house) Please Lord I leave it in your hands, for you and only you will do what's best for us. I also wish to thank all the people who are praying with me. For we all know that God is an AWESOME GOD!!


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