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This poem is called Sentence to Die. It's about the corruption of the judicial system. I was convicted of a crime I never committed. I swore before the court and told the truth, but the judge convicted me anyway even though the facts showed I didn't comment the crime. The only thing that gave me peace about this is the Bible!
I remembered Jesus being convicted of a crime He never committed. He sit alone in the court room and wondered where were all his supporters? Why was no one there to support Him and help argue His case?
Well, the same unjust judicial system applied that same standard of judgement on me. And it made me see the truth about the practice of law. 
This poem is about how the same law and unjust lawyers and judges who convicted Jesus has been passed down from generation to generation. The law we preside under is the same law that condemn Jesus. If the law condemned Jesus what do you think it will do to you and I?

 Sentence To Die
When I first broke the law, I had never did any time,
I was ignorant about the judicial system, 
and they convicted me of an outrageous crime.
I had no money to pay an attorney to advocate my case,
 so I testified to the court asking for mercy and grace.
I fooled myself by thinking everything will be fine,
 “pleading guilty” was the only thing came to mind.
“I’m sorry your honor about this crime”,
 but, I was sentenced anyway and had to pay a huge fine.
But thousands of innocent people are also unjustly judged and tried, 
some suffer greatly where the law is unjustly applied.
I prayed hard about these things, I know God heard,
because He shared with me a very special word…
“Do thou not remember when 
I was prosecuted, judged, and tried?
 They charged Me with speaking blasphemy,
 but everyone knows they lied.
 I did not need an attorney 
because the truth speaks for itself, 
but they said I had no evidence to support my story 
and sentenced me to death. 
I told the truth, but the prosecutors
 turned it into a lie,
 I had many witnesses
 but they still sentenced Me to die. 
Wherefore, thou shall know 
the truth about the laws of man, 
thou shall be prosecuted and convicted 
without ever taking the stand. 
But I shall deliver the captives 
so the world can see, 
that I can deliver those 
whose trusts and believes in Me.”

                      Isaiah 37:20, John 7:51, John 8:15. I Tim 1:8-10

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