Remember Your Addiction

Are you looking for poems about addiction poems? This is an addiction poem about crack cocaine.  Poems about addiction can be very discouraging to read. I have never read any poems on addiction that was encouraging or inspiring. Have you ever read a drug abuse poem that was inspirational? If not, this  short poem about drugs maybe the first inspirational poem about drugs ever!

The poem is called “Just Remember” your addiction. Remember all the hell you been through. Remember the hurt and pain you caused family, friends, and yourself. Why would any sane person would want to remember this horror story?  It’s because God wants us to remember what He brought us through!

Just Remember

O Lord, please hear my cry and cure my affliction,
I’ve lost everything because of my drug addiction.
My heart is so heavy until I don’t know what to do,
I’m pour out my heart to receive a special messages from You...

“Do you remember when you begin smoking weed? I sent messages urging you to stop, but you didn’t take heed.  Then you got older and your habit changed, you began using a chemical that made you deranged. I stood by your side in spite of your decision, I was even there for you when you went to prison!”

But Lord please help me! I have no money, job, father, nor mother!
How do You expect me for me go any further?

“Do you remember when you were searching for drugs to buy? Do you remember putting Me aside just to get high? Just remember when you cried to me I was there, I Am the One who brought you out of utter despair!”

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Thank You!

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